Through their vast reach into all aspects of our culture, the media brainwash Americans into accepting socialism. Today, their singular focus is on rigging the 2016 elections in favor of their favorite liberal candidate. The Media Research Center’s groundbreaking “Tell the Truth! 2016” campaign has one main objective: stop the liberal media from rigging the 2016 elections.
Given the enormous stakes of 2016, “Tell the Truth! 2016” will be the most ambitious and expensive undertaking in MRC history. Through its massive reach, the campaign will expose the liberal media’s left-wing agenda and prevent the media from brainwashing Americans into cementing our road to socialism.

Sign our petition to stop the media from undermining our Constitutional Rights!

We need conservatives across the country to help us shred the media’s credibility once and for all. Show your support and let people know that the liberal media is untrustworthy!

Dan Savaged should be ostracized until he learns basic civility, not rewarded with a national TV show. Call ABC Now!

We demand that the media fully investigate and report on the horrendous activities taking place at this left-wing special interest group at taxpayer expense.

George Stephanopoulos has admitted to donating $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation. The Media Research Center is committed to exposing this media bias but we need your help to continue this crucial mission.

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Until ABC, CBS, and NBC start covering genuine Democrat scandals as eagerly as they cover Republican missteps, they will continue to be nothing more than DNC-TV. Stand with the MRC and thousands of Americans in demanding that the media tell the truth!

The Obama administration’s IRS was caught red-handed persecuting conservative advocacy groups beginning in 2012. What should have been the scandal of the century has been buried by the nation’s so-called “news” outlets. If you're as shocked by this as we are, sign our petition and make your voice heard!

Help Us Force The Liberal Media to Stop Spreading Lies About Pay Inequality! Are you tired of hearing this lie on almost every network? We expect and demand the truth (THE WHOLE TRUTH) from the news media. Sign our petition now and demand an end to the perpetuation of this thoroughly debunked myth.

Please join us and stand up for the victims of Benghazi and their families. Sign our petition to DEMAND that the liberal media stop censoring the news and tell the truth about what happened in Benghazi.